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Stateswoman. Champion. Role model. Humanitarian. Visionary. Feminist. Dreamer. Creator. Warrior. Trailblazer. Leader. Selina Meyer has been all those things and more in her groundbreaking, precedent-shattering career in public life. One of the most widely recognized and admired people in the world, Meyer made history when she became the first female president of the United State of America in 2016.

A native of Maryland, Meyer attended Smith College and Yale Law School before launching a distinguished practice with clients that included some of America’s most beloved corporations. Answering a call to public service, Meyer served the people of her home state as a congressman and then their senator before being elected vice-president in 2013 as the running mate of President Stuart Hughes. She became president when Hughes stepped down. Among the most active and energetic presidents in American history, Meyer’s countless achievements in office culminated in the freeing of Tibet from Chinese rule in 2017.

Known throughout Washington for her take charge, no nonsense style, Meyer prides herself on her practical approach to problem-solving and consensus-building. Her famous catchphrase, “No better friend; no worse enemy,” neatly summarizes her entire approach to governing. “As a mother,” Meyer has said, “I have a special understanding of what it means to love and nurture a defenseless weakling who is incapable of looking after herself. I can honestly say that I regard all Americans as my helpless crying children in need of equal measures of stern discipline and boundless love.”

Selina Meyer’s journey is the stuff of legend. But it is far from over. She has much to do, much to teach, and many miles yet to travel. Time and time again she has shouldered the burdens of an ungrateful nation and now she stands ready to do so yet again armed with the wisdom that comes with experience and with age yet with almost no visible indications of that age.

Meyer has a daughter, Catherine.

Selina’s Team

Selina`s Team

Keith Quinn (Campaign Manager) Alvin Keith Quinn was born and raised in Plainville, Kansas (population 770) smack dab in the middle of, as Keith puts it, “the left ventricle of the American Heartland.” The son of one of Kansas’ first female dentists and first male dental hygienists, Quinn likes to say that he owes his “corny” sense of humor to all of the corn that he grew up with. Others have pointed out that the predominant agricultural product in the area around Plainville is sorghum, a type of grass primarily use as animal fodder. But Quinn prides himself on his “happy go lucky,” “live and let live” attitude so he doesn’t care about petty nit-picking of this sort. Quinn credits his passion for politics to a dream he once had about former senator and fellow Kansan Bob Dole. A graduate of the University of Kansas where he majored in pharmacy science, Quinn is a Lt. Commander in the Coast Guard Reserve.

Selina`s Team

Michelle York (Senior Aide) Despite her youth, Michelle York has one of the most impressive resumes in Washington. A perennial fixture on he Hill’s annual Hot List, York began her political career as an intern to Sen. Barbara Hallowes (CO). She has been an aide to Congressman Phil Lamarr (PA) and worked on the campaigns of both Judy Sherman and Rep. Dorothy Vasconi (NJ.) Prior to joining the White House staff as senior aide, York was deputy chief-of-staff and then chief-of-staff for Sen. Tom James (CT.) A graduate of Yale University where she was the recipient of the John C. Calhoun Award, her hobbies include jogging and Pilates.